Why FIFO workers ROCK!

Why FIFO workers ROCK!

From experience, we know the FIFO lifestyle isn’t always happy and ideal – especially right now with families separated for extra-long periods due to COVID-19. Sometimes, life gets tough and people find the lifestyle incredibly difficult. But we think it’s worth pointing out the positives from time to time, especially when so much emphasis is placed on negatives. And we’re here to say to all people who work away: take a bow, folks. You deserve it. Here’s why:

  1. They sacrifice seeing their loved ones on a daily basis to provide a decent income.
  2. They endure long hours of hard work (and shift work), often in extremely harsh conditions.
  3. On the phone, they (generally) try to stay upbeat while hearing about all the fun things we’re doing back home.
  4. On their arrival back home, they get stuck into the long to-do list of jobs around the house, generally without grumbling too much.
  5. They lovingly share their frequent flyer points for family holidays (or at least they will, when we can all travel again!).
  6. They demonstrate resilience on a daily basis.
  7. They let us offload about life’s troubles back home, even though there’s nothing they can do about it. Long after we’ve forgotten about the issue, they’re often still feeling crappy that they weren’t home to help us out.
  8. They put up with yes/no answers on the phone from tired or bored kids, even when they’re desperate for a cuddle from their favourite little friends.
  9. They somehow survive the cross-over from work to home and vice versa without too much hassle, even though they must seem like parallel universes.
  10. They often cope with big differences in time zones and still get the job done.
  11. They grin and bear it when friends lose contact because they’re never quite sure when they’re home.
  12. They put on a smile for their in-laws on R&R, even when a family catch-up is the last thing they feel like doing.
  13. And let’s not forget, they underpin an industry that helps to keep the Australian economy afloat, and help to extract resources used in most aspects of our lives, from phones and cars to homes and computers.

We salute you!

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