Turn your donga into a gym (or how to exercise in a tiny space)

By Mareike Miller

When time and space are limited and it’s too bloody hot to train outside, try this heart-starting circuit in your donga (perfect if you can’t leave the house too). The circuit has been designed by Mareike Bout, one of South Australia’s leading personal trainers.

Perform the program as a circuit – that is, without resting between exercises, a total of five times. (If you are new to exercise, perhaps perform each exercise for 15 seconds and complete the circuit three times, building up slowly to five times.) The five-rep circuit should take you no longer than 25 minutes. And please take care if it is really hot. Drink lots of water and adjust your workout accordingly. Don’t overdo it!

When the program is done in conjunction with a 20 to 30-minute run or brisk walk (weather permitting) you have a very effective full-body workout that will keep you fit, lean healthy and strong.

Push Ups (30 seconds)

Quick Feet (30 seconds) ... knowing the average donga, you might want to take this outside!

Body Row (30 seconds)

Squat Jump (30 seconds) ... might be best outside too

Side Isometric Abs (30 seconds on each side)

Prone Runners (30 seconds)

Forward Lunge (30 seconds)

Hovers (30 seconds)

Mareike Miller is an award-winning personal trailer and lifestyle coach based in Adelaide, South Australia. www.onelifelivewell.com.au

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