Q&A: My toddler is very clingy. Is it due to FIFO, and what to do?

By psychologist Angie Willcocks

Q: My partner recently started FIFO. On the first swing our little girl coped well, we Skype as often as we can and she always talks about Daddy being at work. I made a calendar and we put a sticker on each day he is away so she knows when he is coming home. She is now getting worse and worse. Very clingy, won’t sleep in her own bed and is just being a handful all round. Is this a stage all nearly two year olds go through? Or is it the fact he is away? How is the best way to handle this?

A: Hi! It’s hard to know whether or not this behaviour would have happened anyway, or if it’s because your partner is working away. Because it is getting worse as your partner goes away, it’s possible that it is the FIFO work that has triggered your daughter’s clinginess. This is not to say that she won’t adjust, and settle down over the next few swings.

I have a few thoughts that might help:

I hope all of those tips help. I’d love to know how she goes!


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