Guide Du Travail En Région Éloignée


Guide Du Travail En Région Éloignée


Guide Du Travail En Région Éloignée is designed for families who often spend time apart due to work. Based on our award-winning Australian guides but targeted to a Canadian audience, it includes information and advice most commonly requested by fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) families across the world. The 32-page guide is written in French and aims to boost the emotional resilience of new and existing workers by offering simple strategies to keep relationships healthy and families happy. The $15 price includes postage.



Fourteen chapters cover key issues on relationships, parenting and mining life, including:

Click here to read a review on the guide by the Canadian Mining Journal. And here’s some feedback from Canadian and US companies:

"The guide is absolutely incredible. Just wanted to say congratulations ... truly incredible!"
"Everyone here is simply fascinated with the guides."
"I love them, absolutely LOVE them."
"We've decided to place a second order ... what an excellent resource."

Prices for Guide Du Travail En Région Éloignée are listed below. Company co-branding opportunities are also available. If you’d like to order 1-3 French copies, please use the PayPal link above (works with a credit card). For all other orders, please contact us.

1-3 copies$15 each (postage included – see below)
50 copies$300 + postage
100 copies$500 + postage
500 copies$2000 + postage
1000 copies$3500 + postage
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