A little surprise package can make a big difference

A little surprise package can make a big difference

You can be the most resilient FIFO family in the world, and still get hit for six when rosters suddenly change due to crazy unforeseen circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic.

If your loved one is away on site and you’re not even sure when you might be reunited, how about sending a surprise care package to make their day from afar?

If you don’t know the site’s mailing address, and can’t find it online, you can always put in a call to the company’s Human Resources department. Then put the whole family to work as you fill a little box with big love!

Here are some ideas of what to include:

  • Kids’ paintings or drawings (if you’ve got littlies or very keen teen artists!) Also makes great wrapping paper for individual items. If you’ve got an old shoebox, get them to paint that too before you stick on an address label.
  • A hand-made card.
  • Family photos of happy times.
  • Favourite chocolates or homemade biscuits.
  • A magazine or book.
  • A small toy that’s special to them and the kids (or a children’s book they can read to the kids over Facetime/Skype etc).
  • A list of fun things for you all to start planning to do together when this crazy coronavirus time is over.

Basically, include anything that shows how much they’re missed, and anything that will make them smile. (Note: this is also a lovely idea for grandparents if they’re in isolation right now.)

Your special someone will know they’re loved from afar, and you’ll have kept the kids amused for a few hours. #WINNING

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